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Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawyer Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia cancer misdiagnosis lawyers are here to help if you have suffered a missed cancer diagnosis in Philly or a Philadelphia medical malpractice error. The American Cancer Society announced there are over 1.5 million new cancer cases diagnosed each year in the United States. Early detection and treatment is vitally important to the successful treatment of cancer in Philadelphia. Failing to diagnose (missed diagnosis) is often the result of your physician or Philadelphia hospital missing or misdiagnosing your cancer symptoms or complaints and not ordering further diagnostic testing or cancer screening. Many times, your healthcare provider or Philadelphia Doctor will treat your symptoms as another illness, without referring you or your loved one to a specialist, such as an oncologist. In addition, a Philadelphia cancer misdiagnosis can result by a medical provider, technician or pathologist making a technical error or misreading the patient’s medical test. Our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers offer free cancer consultations anywhere in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

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If the cancer is not treated early on, the survival rate drastically decreased. Recently, a jury verdict of $6.8 million dollars was awarded to the family of a loved one in a failure to diagnose kidney cancer. Common types of cancer misdiagnosis include prostate cancer, cervical cancer, lung cancer, mesothelioma cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Call an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia today for a free consultation.

Cancer is a very hostile medical disease that requires early detection of the healthcare provider and Philadelphia oncologist. Failing to diagnose cancer, or late diagnosis of cancer can greatly diminish the survival of you or your loved one. Many cancers are treatable if recognized and treated in the early stages. Failure to treat a curable cancer can lead to a terminal disease and the Philadelphia wrongful death of you or a family member. Proper laboratory testing such as the PSA test is essential for diagnosis cancer in Philly. Mammograms and biopsies are used to detect cancer. Philadelphia medical malpractice occurs when radiologists or Philly doctors misread a mammogram, X-ray, CAT scan, biopsy or other tests, ignoring symptoms and performing required examinations. As a result of medical malpractice involving failure to diagnose various cancers among others include:


  • Breast cancer

  • Lung cancer

  • Skin cancer

  • Ovarian cancer

  • Colon cancer

  • Thyroid cancer

  • Leukemia

  • Testicular cancer

  • Bladder cancer

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The most common Philadelphia cancer treatment centers are Fox Chase Cancer Center at 333 Cottman Ave 19111, Hospital of University of Pennsylvania (U. Penn) 3400 Spruce St 19104 and Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philadelphia (CTCA) at 1331 E Wyoming Ave 19124. An experienced Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer is happy to meet you at any of these Philly cancer treatment centers for a free cancer misdiagnosis consultation in Philly PA. A Philadelphia cancer misdiagnosis lawyer at the Hoover Medical Malpractice Law Firm is here to help. If you suffered from a delayed diagnosis of cancer in Philly or a failure to diagnose cancer in Philadelphia, we will file a cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit on your behalf. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia PA will get you the justice you deserve after a medical misdiagnosis error. Call attorney Hoover today for a free consultation. 


Our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers have extensive knowledge of the city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. This is very important when it comes time to pick a Philadelphia County jury for your medical malpractice lawsuit trial. Our medical malpractice lawyers are passionate Philadelphia Eagles fans. Additionally, we support the Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Flyers and when the Philadelphia weather is nice, there is nothing better than a ballgame watching the Philadelphia Phillies. On weekends you can find our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys supporting the Philadelphia Zoo with our families. We love the city and support the local community in any way that we can. Call us anytime for a free medical malpractice consultation.

Early Philadelphia cancer detection is imperative to the successful treatment of all cancers. Failure to treat a curable cancer can result in severe personal injury and wrongful death of a family member. Our Philadelphia medical malpractice attorneys are here to help after a cancer misdiagnosis. Failing to diagnose cancer can result from a physician dismissing a patient’s complaints, lack of proper diagnostic testing, misinterpreting test results or failure. To involve a Philadelphia oncologist. Cancer not detected and treated in its early stages drastically reduces the survival rate for you or a loved one. Common symptoms include unexpected weight loss, night sweats, fever, vaginal bleeding or discharge, blood in urine, lumps and persistent cough. Some of the common Philadelphia misdiagnosed cancers are colon, breast, mesothelioma, cervical, lung and kidney cancer. Call an experienced Philly medical malpractice lawyer today for a free malpractice consultation in Philadelphia PA.

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Recently a $1.7 Million Dollar recovery was awarded to the family of a loved one due to delayed diagnosis of a cancerous mole, which was removed, however never followed up with a pathology evaluation. Many cancers are curable if diagnosed and treated in its early stages. Primary care doctors and medical specialists are responsible for failing to make a timely diagnosis of cancer of a family member. This is considered Philadelphia medical malpractice. Curable cancers include breast cancer and cervical cancer. Other curable cancers are melanoma and Hodgkin Lymphoma and Leukemia. The best medical malpractice attorney in Philadelphia will have a history of successful Philadelphia County jury trials. Many of these cancers can be successfully cured or placed in remission. When treated properly by a Philadelphia hospital. Family members not properly diagnosed and treated in a timely manner suffer severe personal injury and wrongful death. Contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia today for a free consultation in Philly.

Devastating Consequences of Philadelphia Cancer Medical Malpractice 


Cancer is a life-threatening condition. Early detection often makes cancer treatable. In return, cancerous cells diagnosed too late may be a death sentence for a patient. Even proper cancer treatment received promptly may be devastating. Cancer is effectively treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy kills cancerous cells, but it is harsh on the whole body. Widely-known chemo side effects include hair loss, weight loss, numbness, dizziness, memory loss, cognitive issues, insomnia, and chronic pain. Receiving chemotherapy for a long time may cause infertility, moderate or severe depression, or even kidney failure. Physicians use various tests, including tumor tissue biopsy, to confirm a cancer diagnosis. However, tests are not one hundred percent accurate all the time. Receiving the wrong answer from a biopsy can be incredibly distressing. When a physician or pathologist confuses another condition with cancer, the patient may receive hazardous treatment unreasonably. It can happen when test results are false-positive. Undergoing expensive, painful, and stressful medical procedures may be more devastating than conditions patients struggle with. 


Test results may be false-negative, leading to running out of time to treat cancer properly. Too advanced cancer may be incurable and fatal. There are four main stages of cancer, where the fourth stage has a tiny survival rate and a very short life expectancy. A wrong diagnosis due to a biopsy or pathologist’s mistake may be a basis for a Philadelphia medical malpractice claim.

The first line of treating cancer is often surgical resection. Extreme precision, advanced skills, and accuracy are the most required during tumor removals. Surgeons should cut off all cancerous cells and an accurate amount of healthy cells outside the tumor border. Cancer cells may spread from where they first formed to another body part. Even tiny cancer tissue left in the body may be fatal for the patient. Worsening the patient’s condition due to surgical error may be a Philadelphia cancer medical malpractice case.

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